Monday, March 24, 2008

Ladies Man

Ryan gets pretty tired after a long day of women fawning over him. Every once in a while, he's gotta shut the baby blues down for a little siesta.

Movies of my brother

Ryan is getting pretty mobile these days, here are a couple movies I put together so you can see for yourself. I call this first one, "I let Ryan ride my car." (note, that's my car. mine, mine, mine.)
I like to call this next one, "King Kong Crushes the Train"

And lastly, a film I named, "Uh oh this kid is gonna be walkin soon"

Happy Easter - 2008!

Hope you all had a nice Easter! Even though I decided at the last minute that I didn't like the Easter Bunny, and wouldn't take a picture... I gladly accepted his gifts and hunted for Easter eggs.

Ballet School

Well here I am at my ballet class. As you can plainly see, I'm the biggest kid in the class, and I'm also the only one doing what we're supposed to be doing. All the other kids must be off a step or two.

Look what I found in the dryer

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I went to the beach with Ryan...

I played on the swing

then we had lunch, wrote Ryan's name in the sand, and played together. Ryan likes to eat sand. Yuck.

Great Grandma Kohl

Great Grandma Kohl passed away at they young age of 94. I'm lucky that I got to meet her, and more importantly, she got to meet me before I entered the terrible two's (and 3's.) So we drove out to Arizona over the weekend to cheer up Papa Bob a little bit, Ryan is pretty good at that stuff.

Monday, March 03, 2008

I went to the park

I love puppies! Can I pick em up?

Go ahead. Ask me. Ask me what I did today. If it is sunny or foggy, or cold and rainy, heck, if there was a blizzard outside and there were 13 feet of snow on the ground, I would tell you the same thing... "I-aaaaye went to the park." Well, we all know that our brutal winter days in So. Cal won't see any snow, but yesterday, I went to the park with Daddy and Ryan. A couple of girls and their daddy let me play with their puppy for a long time! We ran and ran and ran, then, when the puppy was tired and went home, Ryan woke up and I pushed him in the swing. So I really did go to the park. But go ahead and try me next time you see me... Ask me, "What'd you do today?"


Toes by my nose!

Wanna take a bath?

Can you think of anything more fun than taking a bath with us?

Ryan likes toast

mmm, toasty!