Friday, October 20, 2006

The Great Pumkin Patch

Fall is here, the tempature has dropped into the mid 70's (Brrrrr!!) and the pumpkin patch is open. I had so much fun!. I got to ride the train, play on a tractor, and even sat still long enough to get a picture with Mom and Dad. I'm still not so sure about this Halloween thing. I love the candy, but don't like all the scary decorations everywhere. Here are some pictures from when I took over the pumpkin patch.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Driving Miss Ashley


I went to Phoenix to see the whole gang again. I got to see Papa Bob in the hospital, stayed with Auntie Chris and Auntie Brian, and played with Mimi Marcia a lot. I also got to go and play with my cousins, including a brand new one! I was on my best behavior with the new baby, and only touched her little feet a couple times. Then, after driving around in the big back yard, I got a little crazy and set a new record for tantrums in an afternoon. All part of a typical day for me! I'll be going back to Phoenix for Thanksgiving and can't wait to see everyone again.
Here are some pictures from my visit.

Silly, silly at dinner. Limes - Yum!!!!............. Hug the doggie, hug the doggie

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Swingin on over to Phoenix

Here I am playing on the swings in Laguna Beach. On Thursday, October 5th, I'm going to swing on over to Phoenix with Mommy to meet up with Daddy and visit Papa Bob in the hospital. I'm excited to see everyone again, and can't wait to impress them with all of the new words I've learned.
Papa Bob is doing a lot better since his pneumonia cleared. He's still got a long way to go with rehab, but he is getting stronger, breathing better, starting to eat, and getting more movementback in his arms and wrists. I can't wait to see him, Gramma, Auntie, uncle Brian, and both of my favorite doggies.


To keep track of Papa Bob's progress - Please visit his care page (BobKohl is the name of the carepage)

You can also visit Auntie Chris' Blog for frequent updates

Sincere thanks to everyone for your kind words, phone calls, messages, cards, emails, and keeping Dad in your prayers. It really makes all the difference in the world.

Daddy Said I Can

I don't look this smug because Daddy "said I can..." I just know that he won't say no...


A couple weeks ago, I went to the Long Beach Aquarium to see all the big fish. I had so much fun! I even got to pet some of the fishies, including sting rays. One swam right up, and I must've touched it funny cause it almost jumped out of the water and scared the crap out of Daddy. We saw lotsa fish, and I even got a pretty fish shirt. Then we went to lunch and I was being really silly with Gramma and Grampa, as you can tell. As soon as my head hit the car seat after lunch, I was lights out!

Kitchen Set!!

Here I am playing with my new kitchen set. I absolutely love it!! I love it so much, that I like to play with it around the clock. I was sick last week, woke up at 3AM, and wanted to play "Kitchen set, kitchen set!!" Dad caved in, so I made him some tea and a hot dog in my kitchen.