Sunday, April 23, 2006


I had a great Easter, even though I had to wear my costume again. But all I did was play, play, play. It was a great day and the whole family got together to celebrate me, I mean Easter. Here are some of my favorites from the day.


This Easter Bunny dude isn't half as scary as Santa Claus. I sat on his lap for almost 2 whole minutes before crying, which is a new mall record. After I got off his lap though, I didn't want to leave. There were all kinds of things for me to get into, and I just needed more time for a full investigation. I was having so much fun! But I guess other kids wanted their turn, so I had to leave. Next year I might be big enough for an Easter egg hunt of my own.


Mom and Dad went to Hawaii in March. I got to stay with my Grammas and Grandpas, and they all let me do whatever I want, so its hard to tell who really had the better time. But I was excited to see them when they got home, and I think that they were excited to see me too. They got home late at night and banged a few things around so that I would "accidentally" wake up.
They got me a hula outfit, but I haven't left it on long enough to have pictures taken, so here are a few of Mom and Dad living it up.


It's been a while, Mom and Dad have been crazy busy with trips to Hawaii, Montreal, and Las Vegas, and more trips to Ottawa and Vegas coming soon.
Here are some pictures to get you all up to date on the most important thing in the world, ME!
Here I am showing off my best impression of Daddy and his beer belly.