Monday, March 13, 2006


Here I am spending another wintery March day at the beach in Laguna. I got real excited when I saw the swings, the birds, and I even got to run in the water.
Look closely (click on the picture) and you can see all my teeth! There must be hundreds of em in there. Since I can really chew now, I've finally decided that I like to eat real food. I still have trouble chewing all the stuff that winds up on my face instead of in my mouth, but I'm working on improving my aim.


Look at me, don't I look like I could be in old Coppertone suntan lotion ad?


My dad loves the spring because he says the Red Sox start out in first place every year, and summer is right around the corner. Here's a picture from last year, right after my dad told me that the Red Sox won the World Series when I was in Mommy's belly.
Here's a picture from the first time my dad told me about the Yankees. He wanted to wait until I was more mature before he told me about the dreaded Yankees.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Hi Everyone,
Sorry, it's been a while because Dad has been busy traveling and Mom and Dad have spent a lot of time taking care of me instead of sleeping. I've been really sick and am finally starting to feel better. I've been really clingy! I got so used to sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed after waking up in the middle of the night crying, that this is now my favorite place to be. Can't you tell? This is my BIG bed now and I love it. It's hard to tell, but these pictures were taken at 5:30 AM, when I am WIDE awake.