Sunday, October 12, 2008

Signs of Fall

First Day of School!!
Well, another summer has come and gone and fall is here. I'm pretty quick, and I knew that Mom was up to something pretty big. Turns out, she signed me up for pre-school. She says it is because I'm a big girl now, but I think she just wants me out of her hair for a few hours a week.

It's pretty cool so far. I already know how to count and write my name, so hanging around with a few other kids and learning new things isn't so bad. I haven't learned how to share very well yet, but I have been on my best behavior and am making so many new friends.
Another great thing about fall, is Halloween! I can't wait to get all that candy! I'm now in the full swing of "the princess years" and will be a princess. More on that phase later... I did get to go with Mommy and friends to the pumpkin patch, so here's a few pictures from that fun day.

On the train with Faith, Will, and Miss Kim...

Here we are in the pumkin patch, but Ryan wanted no part of this picture.

Ryan and Will were getting some work done on the tractors.

Now, the number one reason why I can tell it is fall... is that rite of passage that happens only in October.

Much like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football...

It is time for the Angels to try to beat the Red Sox in the playoffs. But once again, the Red Sox kicked the crap out of the Angels, and Daddy is happy.

"Oops, can I say 'crap' Daddy?"

"Ah, usually not, but its ok this one time."

So anyway, here is a picture of Ryan representing all that is good about October. Except for the candy, but we'll see that soon enough.

Go Red Sox!